This is a perfect classic vodka for those who appreciate traditional taste and pure aroma. Thanks to proprietary vodka-making technology, it was possible to preserve the harmony and taste of its natural ingredients. It has:
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                This vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients: pure artesian water and 100% grain alcohol of the highest quality Finest Wheat. This alcohol-making technology is recognized by the industry's experts as one of the best in the world. "Finest wheat" has the least amount of alcohol impurities, which guarantees a clean taste and relaxation after consumption. Khortytsa is the first alcohol producer to use Finest Wheat alcohol in producing vodka on an industrial scale.
                  To enhance the vodka's smoothness, experts add a special ingredient — an oatmeal infusion. This natural ingredient helps naturally achieve the perfect level of smoothness. Then, the vodka undergoes a silver filtration for additional purification and taste enrichment. The absolute quality of Khortytsa Classic vodka is ensured through:
                  years of production experience;
                  innovative technologies;

                  KHORTYTSA CLASSIC

                  hand-selected natural ingredients.
                  predefined proportion of ingredients;
                  added oatmeal infusion;
                  silver filtration.
                  This elite VIP-class vodka is a real masterpiece for vodka enthusiasts.
                  KHORTYTSA DE LUXE
                  This special vodka comes in a premium design and will appeal to any connoisseur of exquisite taste and absolute quality.
                  KHORTYTSA BLACK&GOLD
                  DISCOVER OUR HISTORY
                  Each of Khortytsa's premium quality vodkas results from decades of experience and innovation. Launched in 1998 in the heart of Eastern Europe, Khortytsa has evolved to become a gold-winning brand in multiple U.S. spirit tasting competitions, reaching a worldwide renown. For five years in a row, Khortytsa has ranked in the Top 3 best-selling vodkas worldwide, according to Drinks International Magazine.
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