This is one of the bestsellers of the Khortytsa brand line. The unique color-changing bottle, refreshing taste, and cutting-edge production technologies make it recognizable around the world. Properties that set this vodka apart from others are:
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                Khortytsa Ice features the world's first "smart" bottle that changes its color from silky white to deep blue when cooled to +5 °C, telling you that it is ripe for consumption.
                  PERFECT CHEMISTRY
                  This vodka is created from high-quality ingredients according to the proprietary recipe and cutting edge technologies. The name itself suggests that Khortytsa Ice tastes best cooled to allow the combination of ingredients to unfold and to enjoy the taste at its best. Freshness, high transparency, and mild taste make Khortytsa Ice the top choice of every alcohol enthusiast.
                    Natural crystalline menthol provides a refreshing light aroma.
                    Mint- and linden-flavored alcohols give a special aftertaste to vodka.

                    KHORTYTSA ICE

                    The proprietary recipe ensures the highest quality and mild taste.
                    bottle that changes color when cooled;
                    unique recipe with linden and mint aromas;
                    refreshing menthol aftertaste.
                    This elite VIP-class vodka is a real masterpiece for vodka enthusiasts.
                    KHORTYTSA DE LUXE
                    DISCOVER OUR HISTORY
                    Each of Khortytsa's premium quality vodkas results from decades of experience and innovation. Launched in 1998 in the heart of Eastern Europe, Khortytsa has evolved to become a gold-winning brand in multiple U.S. spirit tasting competitions, reaching a worldwide renown. For five years in a row, Khortytsa has ranked in the Top 3 best-selling vodkas worldwide, according to Drinks International Magazine.
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