A special vodka with added mint and menthol for ease of drinking. Purified natural water and new-generation Finest Wheat alcohol from hand-selected grains of golden wheat are used to prepare this vodka. Khortytsa Distillery's finest craftsmen prepare this vodka according to the highest standards:
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                REFRESHING TASTE
                The state-of-the-art technology used to prepare Finest Wheat grain alcohol is recognized by industry experts as one of the best on the local market — after all, the brand boasts the lowest amount of impurities in its alcohol. This ensures that you will enjoy the clean taste of vodka and feel well after consumption. The special components of Khortytsa Silver Cool are mint-flavored alcohols and crystalline menthol that add freshness and lightness to the taste. Seven stages of purification make sure that this vodka is pure, transparent, and has a radiant effect.
                  UNIQUE TASTE
                  Silver Cool is the top choice for alcohol enthusiasts who appreciate the unique taste and lightness of a strong vodka. It is unlike any other alcohol because it gives great pleasure:
                    delicate vodka aroma with notes of mint;
                    smooth vodka taste;

                    KHORTYTSA SILVER COOL

                    fresh menthol aftertaste.
                    using natural ingredients;
                    a proprietary recipe with added flavored alcohols,
                    cutting-edge production technologies.
                    Gold has always been considered a symbol of wealth, prestige and status.
                    DISCOVER OUR HISTORY
                    Each of Khortytsa's premium quality vodkas results from decades of experience and innovation. Launched in 1998 in the heart of Eastern Europe, Khortytsa has evolved to become a gold-winning brand in multiple U.S. spirit tasting competitions, reaching a worldwide renown. For five years in a row, Khortytsa has ranked in the Top 3 best-selling vodkas worldwide, according to Drinks International Magazine.
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